Ethan Cratchley


I'm currently studying Business Administration at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University. I plan to enroll in a Business Administration and Computer Science Joint Major program.

This summer I will be working on the Operations team at Wilson M. Beck Insurance.

I am currently studying algorithm optimization and improving my technical capabilities. As well as doing research on various financial instruments.

I love to continuously challenge myself and learn.

In the future I plan to build SAAS products for businesses and people.


Financial Fast Feed

Summarize and display financial news from 13 RSS feeds with GPT API

Winter Watch

Ensure safety before going out in the winter


Study efficiently with AI


Programming/Computer Science

Building SAAS for businesses and people, Working with AI, Building efficient algos

Fitness & Health and Wellness

Running, Swimming, Biking, Lifting, Biohacking

Mountain Sports

Skiing, Climbing, Biking


700 Elo


Valuation, Economics, Company History, Crypto


20+ Handicap


Currently play in the millars leauge (Go Huevos)